Why choose Paradigm?

Paradigm Global is a training and consulting company created by two established leaders in the safety and security industry. Utilizing proven subject matter experts from a wide array of disciplines, we provide best-practice advice and deliver effective training solutions that establish safer environments. We understand change often requires patience and flexibility, and our services focus is on long-term sustainable strategies that lower risk and increase well-being.


Paradigm consultants and instructors are experts in their fields, with years of relevant operational experience, as well as being accomplished teachers.


Paradigm consulting services are based on world-wide best-practices and updated constantly. Training is designed to provide a complete solution by maximizing relevant information.


Every Paradigm deliverable is designed to meet your organization's specific needs. Training is presented in an interesting and relatable format to increase knowledge retention.

The Paradigm Global team consists of a balanced mix of safety and security professionals, business managers, and educators to ensure the best instructional services available.

Michael Perez


Michael is an accomplished instructor with over 20 years of operational experience. Drawing from his vast experience in specialized law enforcement and military units, he is able to deliver accurate and practical information to our clients. A certified safety trainer, Michael provides clients with the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to create safer work environments.

Martin Hanneman


A former Naval Aviator, Martin has 25 years experience working in the defense, public safety and private security fields. He has provided consulting services to clients as varied as schools, large events, corporations and government agencies. Martin has experience in a broad range of subjects, including a masters degree in cyber-security, and specializes in infrastructure protection.

Haydee Arteaga

VP Operations

Driven by her passion for personal and professional safety, Haydee’s focus is refining current industry protocols to better suit our clients’ distinct needs. With a project management background in the insurance industry, Haydee uses her business acumen to provide seamless integration of meaningful policies and practical procedures into the workforce.

Sandra Arjonilla

VP Curriculum

Sandra is a career educator, with extensive classroom experience from advanced level high school through adult education. She holds a Masters degree in global politics and has held multiple leadership positions, including program director and department chair, and has extensive knowledge of curriculum development.

The primary point of concern should be the entry point to the room, and how to secure it. Some items to consider include:

  • the lock,
  • the door self-closing mechanism,
  • the door stop, and
  • objects that could be placed in front of the door to make it difficult to open.

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