Consulting Services

Consulting Services


Paradigm offers consulting services to our clients in a wide range of safety and security related subjects. Whether you are concerned about a potential security issue, responding to an incident that has already occurred, being proactive in establishing your potential exposure to risk, or designing follow-on policy, procedures and staff training exercises, Paradigm can assist you in making the right decisions for your organization.

Understanding an organization’s weaknesses is both vital to improvement and to inform training needs. We believe that a holistic, multilayered approach to organizational safety and security is required at any facility. Paradigm carries out comprehensive vulnerability assessments in order to test the effectiveness of existing safety and security systems, policies and procedures.

We employ a unique virtual adversarial approach to assessments, utilizing assessment teams with years of experience in countering a wide variety of threats to safely identify areas that may be vulnerable to exploitation without causing disruption to company operations or personnel. The data we collect is collated, analyzed, and presented in a comprehensive report. Most importantly, we clearly rank every identified vulnerability, providing each with a range of practical mitigation strategies, so that the organization can immediately begin to plan and prioritize the best path to lowering their risk.

The primary point of concern should be the entry point to the room, and how to secure it. Some items to consider include:

  • the lock,
  • the door self-closing mechanism,
  • the door stop, and
  • objects that could be placed in front of the door to make it difficult to open.

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