Corporate Occupational Training Courses

Targeting the growing threat of violence within the workplace, Paradigm’s corporate safety courses are broken into two main categories: a comprehensive Supervisory Safety Workshop and our Employee Safety Awareness Seminar.

Our Supervisory Workshops address the vital roles and responsibilities of supervisors to effectively recognize, manage, and mitigate potentially violent behavior. Utilizing a combination of lecture, tabletop training, and scenario-based walkthroughs, we are able to instill the value of an effective threat management team and the importance of proper reporting procedures.

Our Employee Safety Awareness Seminar is designed to transform an average workforce into a unified safety-conscious team. This interactive seminar provides employees with the knowledge to identify the early warning signs of aggressive behavior, and the confidence necessary to effectively report, prevent, and react to acts of violence.



The primary point of concern should be the entry point to the room, and how to secure it. Some items to consider include:

  • the lock,
  • the door self-closing mechanism,
  • the door stop, and
  • objects that could be placed in front of the door to make it difficult to open.

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