Educational Institution Security Courses

The dangers faced today by schools and colleges require preparation. Schools are particularly sensitive locations for targeted violence, both because of the ease with which they can be attacked and the type of casualties that can be inflicted. The best mitigation for any emergency situation on campus is well trained staff.

Paradigm has two main training classes for educational institutions: a class for faculty and staff, and a more intensive campus supervisor / security class. Both classes cover security awareness, suspicious activity reporting and active shooter mitigation. The supervisor class also includes conflict de-escalation training, campus vulnerability identification, communication drills, tabletop exercises and a field practical.


The primary point of concern should be the entry point to the room, and how to secure it. Some items to consider include:

  • the lock,
  • the door self-closing mechanism,
  • the door stop, and
  • objects that could be placed in front of the door to make it difficult to open.

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