Training Services

Training Services


Comprehensive staff training is an often overlooked, but vitally important component of safety and security. No matter how many security systems and procedures are put in place, unless staff members know what to do in an emergency these can end up being completely ineffective.

Organizations must be able to rely on their staff to be proactive in helping avoid or mitigate emergencies before they happen. Staff should feel enabled and confident enough to report suspicious circumstances, or take emergency action, when appropriate.

Paradigm Global has developed a range of course topics designed to enhance our clients’ abilities to provide a safe and secure environment for their organizations. Utilizing subject matter experts in multiple disciplines, we are able to customize each course to the specific needs of the client, ensuring valuable cost-effective results.

Our training classes take many forms and are tailored specifically for the audience. Most training shares the common theme of Proactive Situational Awareness. This key concept is reinforced with a variety of instructor led classroom lessons and practical skills workshops, all based on the organizations own policies and procedures.

The primary point of concern should be the entry point to the room, and how to secure it. Some items to consider include:

  • the lock,
  • the door self-closing mechanism,
  • the door stop, and
  • objects that could be placed in front of the door to make it difficult to open.

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